Safety And Tower Engineering
When you're climbing towers that are thousands of feet tall, safety has to be a priority. That's why Tower Engineering Professionals facilitates the most comprehensive, reputable training programs in the industry.
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Inspections Director - East Coast
Matthew W. Collins, P.E., C.W.I.
Matt Collins started his career in design in 2005 in the field of Residential and Commercial Land Development after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Management from North Carolina State University. During this time, he developed a strong background in Civil Site Design and Stormwater Engineering. After ...
Safety is the most important part of our daily routine.
- Matt Collins, Safety Manager
Approved & Certified
TEP is approved and certified by all major third-party contractor prequalification and compliance management services such as Avetta, Browz, Complyworks, and ISN Networld to name a few. We maintain compliance with our customers through these third-party compliance managers and routinely update the system so that the information is as accurate as possible.
Safety is the most important part of our daily routine. We work in a high-risk industry, therefore it is our top priority to provide our employees with the proper training, so they can come home safely. Training is a critical component because everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to complete their job efficiently and confidently. We take great measures to protect our employees. Whether it is sitting behind a desk finding a solution to a problem or attached 1200-ft on a tower correcting the problem, our main goal is to maintain a safe workplace.
Training and Certifications
ENSA Authorized Climber/Rescuer – TEP works with ENSA North America to provide climber and rescuer training. TEP has 8 certified instructors that run the training at TEP's multiple training towers. After completing training, the climber will be able to provide safe access and basic rescue techniques by understanding the essentials of work-at-height safety. The climber will be able to carry out self-evacuation and assisted rescue procedures.

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED – TEP works with the America Red Cross to provide employees with Adult First Aid/CPR/AED skills. TEP has 2 certified American Red Cross instructors that provide training at TEP’s facility. The training covers recognition and care for a variety of first aid occurrences, breathing, and cardiac emergencies for adults, that meets OSHA/workplace requirements.

RF Awareness Training – TEP is partnered with Pacific Safety Solutions to provide RF Awareness Training. The class is designed to train employees how to recognize, avoid, control, and prevent hazards associated with working around RF/EME.

Competent Rigger Training – TEP is partnered with Pacific Safety Solutions to provide Competent Rigger Training. The class is designed for employees who have tower rigging responsibilities. The course focuses on rigging safety and follows OSHA regulations as well as the TIA 1019-A standard. The class combines classroom and hands-on activities so that employees receive theoretical and practical knowledge and experience regarding tower rigging.


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